A PBL approach to learning - A/Prof Wan's Case Studies
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A PBL approach to learning - A/Prof Wan's Case Studies


Starting first year of medicine can be challenging especially for those who are unfamiliar with how PBL tutorials work, as it plays an important role in the education and learning through the medical course. This eBook is a prime example of the types of cases which are dealt with in PBL tutorials, paired with step-by-step processes of how to tackle each scenario. The systematic way that the cases are handled in the eBook is very similar to the way that it is taught through actual PBL tutorials, and this becomes an important foundation and framework on how to handle more complicated cases that may present in the future by going back to the basics. As a student, I found the eBook most useful in consolidating my problem-solving skills, and it gives me greater confidence when confronted with new scenarios. I sincerely hope that students will find the addition of the Public Health and Professional/Personal Development sections in the new edition to be beneficial in extending their horizons beyond pure clinical management of these cases.

Suzanna Luong

To the beginning medical student, it is initially overwhelming as every week of medical school brings with it new ideas and theories from discrete and often diverse subjects. Lectures in physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, ethics and population health will deepen your understanding of disease processes – but this is only half of your journey as a medical student.

The PBL sessions throughout the week was our opportunity to develop and exercise clinical reasoning. To unify the theory learnt in lectures in an exciting and clinically relevant way, made learning the material throughout the year much more interesting and effective.

By examining each of the cases in Prof. Wan's book, hopefully you get a sense of what each PBL session explored, and a taste of both the theory and practise of clinical reasoning in medical school.

Yiannis Makryllos

This ebook is a very valuable resource for medical students. Very succinct and highly useful. It's easy to access and this adds to its academic value.

Gihan Demel

The cases cover every area of medicine giving a very satisfying synopsis of things patients commonly present with. What I like most of all about this book is that it makes problem based learning fun and enjoyable.

Nathan O'Dea

It is great that a medical e-book is now available that is aimed at and accessible to medical students. The learning capacity of this e-book is assisted by consultation of final year medical students involved in the co-authorship of the book.

Tim Squire